Receiver of Water Works & Sewer Board

why does this site exist?

On November 10, 2023, the Mobile County Circuit Court Judge, Michael Youngpeter, issued an order appointing a Receiver for the Prichard Water Works & Sewer Board (PWWSB) to oversee its financial and operational management. One of the conditions of this Order as to create a website that provide a timely, transparent, factual and public record of the activities of the Receiver on behalf of the PWWSB’s customers, the community, the employees and the bondholders.

What is a Receiver?

A Receiver is appointed by the appropriate court when the management, operation and finances are in distress. Essentially, a Receiver is appointed by the court to take control of the entity’s financial and operational affairs, ensuring proper management and accountability. In the case of the PWWSB, the appointment of John Young, Jr. as the Receiver indicates a concerted effort to find the solution to more than five decades of financial and operational challenges.

About the Receiver, John Young, Jr.

With the Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board facing financial difficulties and defaulting on a loan payment for a $55 million loan, the appointment of a receiver for a utility is essential to restore effective and efficient management, operational practices and financial practices. John Young, Jr. is now tasked with navigating the water board through these challenges, working to stabilize its financial position and ensuring the continued provision of essential services to the community. This move is a crucial step towards restoring financial stability and accountability within the Prichard Water Board.

John S. Young Jr. has worked in the water utility industry his entire career.  John spent 33 years with American Water. At American Water, he served in numerous technical and management positions, including Vice President-Engineering, President of American Water Works Service Company, Chief Water Technology Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. He retired from American Water in 2010.

In 2010, John undertook the unique challenge of being the Court-Appointed Receiver of the Jefferson County, Alabama Environmental Services Department.  In this role, he addressed utility mismanagement and corruption issues that resulted in the default of $3.2B of sewer system debt. At that time, this default was the largest municipal bankruptcy in US history.

John has provided utility management and technical services to many large utilities, including the Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority (PRASA), Detroit Water & Sewer, Miami Dade, and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection.

John spent 5 years leading the recovery efforts associated with the lead contamination in Flint, MI. In this role, his responsibilities included managing infrastructure upgrades, source of supply development, Consent Order compliance, and enhancing the sustainability of the Public Works Department. He also frequently provides expert testimony on water issues, due diligence, and other support associated with the acquisition of water utilities and water service companies.

John has a BS in Civil Engineering from Duke University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. He is an active member of several professional organizations, including being a former Board Member of the American Water Works Association and the WateReuse Foundation, a former Board Chair of the Design Build Institute of America and a past member of USEPA’s National Drinking Water Advisory Council.

Receiver of Water Works & Sewer Board - JOHN YOUNG, JR.