Receiver of Water Works & Sewer Board

Working to Fix Prichard Water


On November 10, 2023, Mobile County Circuit Judge Youngpeter issued an order to appoint a Receiver to manage the Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board’s (PWWSB) water and wastewater services and system. The Receiver (John Young) has the task of establishing operational and financial integrity for the utility. The Receiver Order also requires that a draft Master Plan be developed by July 2024, to address water supply, regulatory compliance, utility governance and ownership, investment requirements, operating efficiencies and numerous other issues.

The Receiver’s ultimate priority is to protect the public health and the environment and provide a reliable water and wastewater system. The Receiver’s primary focus is to properly serve the utility customers in Prichard and Chickasaw, AL. These goals need to be accomplished while properly supporting the utility employees and ultimately paying back the utility debt. Meeting the financial obligations of the bondholders is necessary since PWWSB will need to solicit additional funds from the capital markets for future utility investment.  

The PWWSB problems are the result of decades of mismanagement and lack of investment. PWWSB currently has insufficient funds to fully pay for day-to-day operations and maintenance. The utility’s infrastructure is generally in poor condition, which contributes to high water loss, sewer overflows and inadequate wastewater treatment. Unfortunately, there is insufficient revenue to provide any construction funds for water and wastewater system capital improvements.  

The Receiver has identified the following operational challenges for PWWSB, including:

  • Sanitary sewer overflows.
  • More than 60% leakage from the water distribution system.
  • Failure to meet Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Consent Order obligations and provide the required capital improvements to the sewer system.
  • Failure to comply with ADEM and EPA Sanitary Surveys and Inspections, which may result in the issuing of a new ADEM Consent Order to address water system technical, management, and financial deficiencies.
  • Staffing issues – additional staffing is needed to enforce collection efforts, make needed repairs, and otherwise operate the system. 

This website will provide regular updates on the progress being made by the Receiver towards a solution to PWWSB’s challenges. For details about the progress being made, click the link below.

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